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A powerful but AFFORDABLE tool helps you to grow your sales with the ultimate feed optimization, management and Google Ads campaigns automation solutions.


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Data Feed Optimization

With the powerful rules-based data feed optimization feature, you can easily get top-quality product feeds, perfectly tailored and optimized for channels and audiences.
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Data Feed Export

With a couple of clicks, you can create feed export files, that will meet any channel requirements. Moreover, the feed export filter allows filtering your data by excluding out-of-stock products or any other products, that you don’t want to ensure even better feed quality.
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PPC Tool

Grow your business faster with fully automated text and shopping ads by utilizing your product feed to create thousands of automated campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.
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Free Features

Who could be better than free features which could help you to manage campaign budgets, easily discover and add negative keywords, remove conflicting keywords, pause empty ad groups? Moreover, we’re working and more free features.
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Data Feed Optimization

Easy and effective feed management

Hourly Synchronization

All the information of your products might be automatically updated and exported even every hour.

Products Preview

Powerful and intuitive systems allow you to check all your changes preview in seconds.

Products Filtering

Quickly exclude out-of-stock or any other products, that you don’t want.

Fields Mapping

Fields mapping allows you to have the same fields structure across all your fields, which will help you to use existing rules for multiple data feeds.

Time & Money Saving

Save time and resources by creating and managing all your product feeds in one place.

Rules Feature

Create and use rules by changing information based on conditions or even on date and time across all your feeds.

Google Ads campaigns based on data feed

4 Type Of Campaigns

  • Google Ads Search
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns
  • Standard Shopping Campaigns
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Highly Targeted Ads

By combining static values with dynamic values from your product feed you can generate extremely relevant ads  for each product.

Hourly Synchronization

No more manual campaign creation, no more out-of-stock products. Synchronize your campaigns and ads with the changes of your feed.

Google Ads Performance Reports

You can exclude, filter, structurize products based on your actual account search terms, dynamic search terms, shopping product report.

Time & Money Saving

Create thousands of automated campaigns, ad-groups, ads, and keywords in 5 minutes.

Advanced Keywords Generation

Thank to our tool flexibility you can easily generate long-tail or generic keywords and land them in the right places.

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