Automate and Elevate Your eCommerce Google Ads Campaigns

PPCDATAFEED is your go-to tool for effective, feed-based Google Ads management.

Unleash the Power of Advanced PPC Automation

With our innovative tools and features, you can create dynamic campaigns and improve your PPC performance.

Automated Campaign Generation

Create campaigns, ad groups, product groups, ads, and keywords automatically, ensuring your ads link to the most relevant landing pages.

Real-Time Ad Updates

Keep your ads up-to-date with your inventory changes with dynamic ads based on your product feed.

Performance Report Integration

Use Google Ads performance reports as a data source, enabling campaigns creation and management based on actual account data.

Ad Optimization Rules

Boost your ads performance with powerful optimization rules that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Reap the Rewards of Superior PPC Management

Enjoy a plethora of benefits that come with using our powerful PPC tool.


Automate as much as 80% of your eCommerce Google Ads campaigns, saving you time and resources.

Accurate Advertising

Keep your advertising in sync with your inventory for accurate, real-time promotions.

Data-Based Campaigns

Make data-driven decisions with Google Ads performance reports to optimize your campaigns.

Enhanced Ads

Use our powerful rules to optimize your ads, improving performance and boosting ROI.