Streamline Your Advertising with Smart Data Feed Export

Experience a new level of ease and efficiency in managing your product data feeds.

Discover the Ease of Customized Data Feed Export

We offer a versatile range of features to make your feed management and export more streamlined and effective.

New Data Source Creation

Import your products through various convenient methods like direct CSV/XML file imports or straight from your Merchant Center or Google Ads account.

Product Feed Optimization

Enhance your ad visibility and performance with our efficient optimization features.

Export File Creation

Set up your export file link with easy-to-follow steps, choosing from custom or preset file structures to meet your specific needs.

Experience the Advantage of Smart Data Feed Management

Discover the host of benefits our data feed export tool offers.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our solution reduces programmer hours, thereby saving time and money, while enabling efficient feed modification and export.

Up-to-Date Channels

Our system can synchronize your product data as frequently as hourly, ensuring all your channels have the most recent information.

Wider Advertising Reach

Effortlessly cater to the varying feed requirements of multiple channels, thereby extending your advertising scope.